Adam’s Story

I recommend that everyone gets this service, to get the information they need to help them make a decision that is well-informed and good them.

How could it be, that as a journalist, I didn’t ask the doctors these questions?

I recommend Medint to anyone who’s facing a complex medical case - their services can definitely help.

I was given a personal researcher who immediately laid out all the options, explained the process, and provided me with outstanding support

My team provided me with immediate solutions. The researchers’ desire to help me, and the specific questions they asked, gave me a wonderful feeling of complete support.

The Medint team reinforced my determination to beat cancer and live a normal life

There’s no doubt that the medical world can benefit a great deal from the technology, and what Medint is doing is certainly welcome. I hope it’s just the first step in the right direction.

The sense of security that the Medint team gave us, made us as parents better understand what we were up against and what our options were ahead of us.

The report they created for me - personalized, very detailed and serious - contains so much information that is precisely relevant to what I’m looking for.

I turned to Medint and they presented me with a variety of solutions that I was not able to find on my own.

I’ve found my guardian angels - I feel like I’m no longer alone


Israel-based Medint collects and analyzes information from medical websites, social platforms, blogs, and forums to help patients make informed decisions.

Medint’s medical researchers – many from IDF intel units — provide data-driven insights to help clients make well-informed healthcare decisions.

Israel’s Medint Medical Intelligence collects and analyzes information from medical websites, social platforms, blogs, and forums to help patients with cancer and chronic illnesses make informed medical decisions. E.g. find doctors treating similar conditions, or relevant clinical trials.

These days, hysteria is spreading as more and more details regarding the Coronavirus are being revealed, and the virus is rapidly taking its toll.   After realizing just how little we really know about the Virus and its spread worldwide, we now understand that knowledge is a critical tool for managing this crisis.