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A site with forums for patients to share their experience, alongside editorial articles, news, and blogs about cancer.

We created CancerCompass because we’re excited about all of the information and interaction that the web can offer people who have been touched by cancer. Join thousands of conversations about the cancer issues that matter to you. Whether you want to find answers, learn from others or offer your support, you’ll join a thriving community of more than 60,000 people who’ve been affected by cancer. We also wanted to create one destination that provides you with what you need to make empowered and informed treatment decisions. In addition to community, you’ll find resources for the latest cancer information and news, interactive discussion forums, and tangible advice for every aspect of cancer care.

Type of information: Treatment Options;Personal Opinions;News;Blogs;Alternative Treatments;Clinical Trials;Support Groups

Type of question: Treatments
Disease: Cancer
Access type: Open access
Relevancy: High

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