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Sample report - 18.3.2020


Sample report - 19.3.2020

"The best defense humans have against pathogens is not isolation – it is information."

While the global Coronavirus pandemic spreads all across the world, governments are in dire need to find effective ways to protect their citizens. This is a global war against an enemy that can’t be seen. Yet, unlike past vicious pandemics we now posses the power of information.


Medint stands for medical intelligence. Our goal is to provide our customers with medical data to allow for more effective decision making. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Medint has shifted its resources, skills and methods to assist decision makers by bringing them crucial, timely, up to date insights so they can make optimal decisions.


We deploy a wide network of researchers, mastering intelligent gathering skills (most of them ex military intelligence) and medical background to identify significant data on various Coronavirus related issues, such as:

  • Regulation and Public Policy Measures
  • New Medical Procedures
  • Drug Development
  • Immunization Efforts
  • Medical Case Studies
  • Technologies
  • Best Practices

We collect the data from all across the world, analyze it and present it in a concise and succinct way, so no time is wasted.


We offer decision makers within governments and international organizations with a special Coronavirus daily/weekly intelligence report tailor-made to their needs.

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