Our Story

Sometimes good things come from difficult circumstances. That’s how Medint was created. 

It started with our friend Oren, who was battling an aggressive brain cancer.

Oren was being treated by an excellent team of doctors who were doing everything in their power to help him. Until they reached a point where there wasn’t much else they could do.  

Tanya, a close friend of Oren’s, decided she wanted to do some thing to help. She gathered several people together one evening in Tel Aviv – veterans of army intelligence units, students, medical professionals, and scientists. And they started to search for information.

They used all the search methodologies they knew, including those from their time in intelligence units. By the end of the evening, they had found several possible potential treatments. And from there, the idea of MedInt was born. A few weeks later, the group met again for another friend of Tanya’s and Roy’s. And then again, for someone else. And the path to creating Medint was becoming clear.

From day one, the company was founded on three main principles. First, Medint was established to help patients. That means that patients will always be at the center of what we do. Second, our focus is on information and our ability to obtain concrete, actionable information, analyze it, and tailor it to the needs of a specific patient. Hence the name Medint – a combination of Medical Intelligence. And third – the ability to grow and scale.

Medint was created to help as many patients as possible, so we’ve built a system that can serve as many patients as possible, at once. Since we’ve started, the company has grown  – we’ve been joined by many different specialists and we’ve expanded our operations. And through it all, we remain committed to our founding principles.

Management Team

Tanya Attias

Co-founder & CEO

Tanya has extensive experience in the intelligence and security arena, as well as product and business development in international technology companies, with a specialty in developing tools to collect and analyze large amounts of data. In her previous role, Tanya served as VP Business Development for S2T Analytics in Singapore, which develops unique refining technologies for the security and information security fields.

Tal Karo

Tal Karo

Head of personal medical guide unit & partnerships

Tal has managed business divisions, companies, and ventures for years. He is the founder and former-CEO of Informed. Tal has taught Marketing and Consumer Behavior in academic institutions for many years. He gave business and marketing consulting regarding insurance and “Patient-Care Giver-Doctor” relations for organizations, focusing on health. He is a public activist in the field of rare diseases and has been accompanying patients who suffer from a variety of rare and chronic diseases, as well as their families, for years. In Medint, he is currently the Head of Personal Medical Guidance Unit and Partnerships. He has a B.Sc.Agr degree in life and plant sciences, a B.A in economics and marketing and an MBA in business administration from the Hebrew University.

Nitzan Friedlander

Director of Research

Nitzan has an MA from the Weizmann Institute of Science and is a veteran of the 8200 intelligence unit of the IDF. She has extensive experience managing medical meta-research, and previously worked at Signals Analytics, which develops algorithms to analyze medical information.


Sharon Levy Shamni

Service Coordinator

Sharon has a B.A. in business management from the College of Management Academic Studies and holds a teaching certificate.  She has vast experience in managing IT projects and graduated the personal medical guide course.

Yotam Bronstein

Dr. Yotam Bronstein

Head Medical Researcher

Yotam has a Medical Degree (M.D) from Tel Aviv University and a multidisciplinary B.A degree from Haifa university with a specialization in political science and economics.

He is an active researcher with experience in clinical and fundamental research, specifically in the field of hematological malignancies. 

Yotam served as a Naval officer (Lt.Cdr Res.) in the Israeli Navy.

Advisory Board


Rani Oz

Co-Founder, Wochit & BigBand


Avi Yaron

Chairman of technology companies, Biomed entrepreneur, Strategic consultant


Prof. Ori Rogovsky, MD, PhD

Director of Internal Medicine, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Hava Bar-Shay

CEO, Aurum Ventures
Board Member, Maccabi Health Care

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