Why We Created Medint

We’ve been asked more than once, why are you starting MedInt? Why would two entrepreneurs, at the peak of their careers, want to dive into the complicated, dense medical world and deal with patients who suffer from complicated medical diseases?

For us, from the start, the answer was very clear. We come from the worlds of technology, intelligence, and research. Our first conversations about MedInt started because of the very serious medical condition of a friend of ours who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Even though he was being treated by some of the best doctors, his condition was not improving. His family and friends successfully harnessed a group of talented people who had the skills to search, find, and analyze myriad pieces of data that might be able to contribute to his medical case. The basic premise was that in today’s world, where data is accessible to all, it’s inconceivable to have a situation in which the inability to get information in time could potentially lead to the suffering, or even death, of a patient.

This has been our premise from the very first day. We are doing this because we cannot accept a situation where information exists out there in the world and we cannot put our hands on it. We are starting MedInt because over the last two decades, we’ve learnt in our professional careers that searching for data is a profession, and that the ability to provide the right and most accurate data depends on methodology, proficiency, and on dedicated individuals who are committed to the issue.

We are here to save patients time, energy, and frustration wasted on inefficient and ineffective online searches. And we are doing this because the medical system as it’s build today – despite being made up of many talented individuals, cannot spend the resources and capabilities needed to provide patients with the kind of information they need to enable them to make informed decisions during the course of their medical care.

Above all this, we are here because we know for a fact that a patient who possesses accurate and relevant information can ask the right questions, hold an even-levelled conversation with their medical team, basis, and be involved in the critical decisions being made regarding their own medical case. This is an empowered patient, and one thing we do know is that an empowered patient is a healthier patient.

#searchingfordataisaprofession #empoweredpatientsarehealthierovertime

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